Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dance Veil Mask

If you are a fan of dance, you likely know the Can Can Dance video, which featured the iconic dance of the same name. It’s a great dance! I have a YouTube search for people who have “Can Can Dance” in the title — there are quite a few.

If you are a parent, or interested in what can be done with your child, I would suggest reading the article “10 Tips for Raising Young Kids with ADHD” by Robert W. Frank and Kathleen M. Murphy, MD. This article has some great suggestions. Parents may also want to check out my own article “10 Tips for Raising Children with ADHD”

Do the dance in your home or at the dance studio. If you don’t, you may find that it’s very difficult for your child to learn to dance.

If you like dancing in your house, it may be a lot harder to incorporate the dance into your day to day activities.

Here are some more resources:

The University of Pennsylvania Medical Group has released a book called Dance Your Way to Health and Wellness by Dr. Thomas F. Murphy, MD:

My husband (and dance instructor on the show) Michael, has a good dance guide called “The Best Moves: Learn how to turn your body and your hands into the best moves, with the help of Dr. Murphy.”

This is a very handy reference and I recommend it to friends for anyone who works in the field to use.

If you don’t see a reference I think relates to your situation with ADHD, drop me a line.

This video from the show goes over a few of the basic tips that parents could use in their childrens’ dance schedules.

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If you do want more help with dance, my favorite online resource is the Dance Center. A very important link is to their website, (I highly recommend you go). This amazing resource offers many videos with advice and support.

Can I use dance to help my child with ADHD?

Absolutely! The research is overwhelming — ADHD can be used in almost any situation. The research also indicates that dancing can be an excellent tool to help children with ADHD stay focused.

In my book, Dance Your Way Back Home, I highlight a small number of studies that support the use of dance in ADHD to help children with ADHD stay more engaged and focused. Some of the references include ”

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