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This is a list of games where the music plays during the beginning of the game. If the music is not playing during the beginning, please click on the link or button below for a description. If it is not mentioned here, please click on the link or button below again or go to the homepage of this wiki to find the information there.
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The most notable game with music for the beginning is “Tekken 3” (GameCube). This game is very similar to “Tekken 4”, except that “The End” (GameCube) includes an additional boss fight. “Mortal Kombat Trilogy” (PSX) also does this. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (PS2, Xbox, PC) and “Street Fighter X Tekken” (XBox 360, Xbox) also include music in these games. All of these games also have music during the main events.

List of games which didn’t have music for the beginning of the game, and didn’t have it until later in the game (after a boss fight) or in the end credits.

List of games which included music in the beginning (or some sound effects) but not in the beginning of the game.

List of games that have music in the beginning, but not in the beginning of the first boss fight, or some other part of the game.

A list of a list of games that don’t have music at the beginning.

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This is a list of games with some sounds in the beginning of the game. Some of them also had some on a regular basis. If you know of any other games with sounds in the beginning, please add it here.

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This is the official page for “Tekken 3”.

Tekken 2 was re-released on PlayStation 2 exclusively in Japan in February 2010. This was Tekken 7 (PlayStation 3). This new title was designed by a third party and released by Namco-Bandai Games (the studio behind Tekken 2). As the previous game in the series, it had a slightly improved online functionality. “Tekken 7”

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