Can Can Dance history?

This is such a good question. I always thought of it as if Can Dance can do anything but the dance I was doing back then. When I was on tour with them, Can Dance would go out with the music to support the song. In those days, I used to tell my friends, “I’m going to do this dance.”

Then of course I started getting paid. Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, all of us were dancers. We’d rehearse in the studios before, after and during the shows. All of us were practicing. We didn’t practice just once; we practiced so hard that when we were in England, we would rehearse for seven or eight weeks before an England tour.

I remember on the flight back from England: “Did you practice the last time?” They said, “No.” I said, “Well, then you’ll have to practice it again.” This is a bit of a memory lapse.

As they say about me, I was very lucky because I was working for the most prestigious record company. They made money off of my music. But also the record company got a lot more than me. My song “In the Name of Love” did well because it was a British hit. It sold so many records. It came second in the UK charts in 1965 and I’m sure it’ll still be there. But I was lucky in that I had a good agent, a good producer, people that were happy to make the work. I got good management and good managers.
Professional-Belly-Dance-Costume-Collection-Egyptian-Turkish.jpg ...

What do you remember about the studio where you made the album “The Great American Rhapsody” and the studio where you made the album at the time “Let’s Dance”?

That’s a good question. “The Great American Rhapsody” by my former wife, the French songstress and songwriter, was recorded in Los Angeles, in a studio called “Dance Studio #2.” I played with a band called Myron & the Jets. I worked with a group of musicians called the Blue Hens, including [songwriter Don] Baker and [piano player] Dickie Davenport. I did a lot of singing and a lot of dancing. I did a lot of dancing. I don’t remember any studio I do not remember anything about. I don’t remember being here. I don’t remember the date.

So I would probably be able to do it again if I was invited. But if