Can can dancers? – Amazing Belly Dance

Can it be done with your body?

“No, I don’t want to be a dancer,” says Vlachos.

“It’s not a lifestyle. It’s work. It’s a job. It’s important to me to be able to get up in the morning and I will work my butt off, no matter who I’m dancing with.”

But is it better to dance? Or, when can a dancer stop working, and when can he/she return to a life of just getting their feet wet?

“A job is a lifestyle, yes,” says Vlachos. “But it’s not going to last forever. I like to stay busy.”

What does a good job feel like? Does it feel like a fulfilling job, when it feels like you’re getting paid to do something?

“You just don’t ever feel you’re getting paid to do something. You’re always getting paid to do something. It’s like a job, only it’s done by other people. It’s like a hobby, but there’s no time when you don’t have a job.”

When you are at work, do you have the option of doing something that is not what you used to do?

“I don’t feel like I have that option at work. At any point, I can decide, ‘I’m not going to be here, I’m going to do something else.'”

At night?

“At night, nothing. There are a lot more parties that require me to be in makeup and I don’t go to. I’m not in my normal uniform.”

Who does the partying and who does the dancing?

“It depends on the party. It depends on the dancer. If the dance doesn’t look good to you, it may not feel that great to you, and it may not be as sexy.”

Are there any rules?

“I don’t understand any rule. I think if you make rules for yourself, that’s a bad thing.”

When you step off stage, are you a free-spirit?

“I’m not free. I’m very controlled. I try not to make too much noise. There are limits to what I can do and what I can’t do. It may be, you know, as hard as I can go on a dance floor, I have to say no to people who might come and make me feel uncomfortable.”

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