Can Can girls ShopRite? – Ballet Dance Drawing

1) No one is forcing you to go to the mall. There is never a shortage of clothes, and shopping at CVS or Walmart just means you’re going to a mall. That said, it might be helpful to get a gift card to the actual mall so you can get a little more variety if you decide to stop by on your own. I had a CVS gift card, so I tried to save at Sears since I am a big Sears fan and wanted to try a different store. Unfortunately, we both saw this same size and pattern everywhere. This gift card to CVS definitely helps, but to be on the safe side, check out the store’s website if you want something better.

2) They always have the last sale.

3) The prices are pretty reasonable.

4) The girls there are super friendly.

5) They are pretty convenient (I would say so, I have made it a habit to go there every week!).

6) When you’re with friends and all you need is a new skirt, why not have them order it?

7) It costs way less to have them make your dress than it does to have them bring it to you.

8) It’s a good location to visit.

9) And finally, CVS is conveniently located next to the mall!


This study examined the relationships between family stress and adult self-harm in a sample of individuals who were diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD). Compared to controls who did not experience self-harm, individuals with MDD exhibited significantly more family stress, greater depressive symptoms, a greater level of self-esteem, more anxiety, and more problematic relationships between family members and spouses. Self-harm was also associated with a greater likelihood of other family members who experienced abuse as children experiencing a lifetime psychiatric diagnosis. We conclude that family stress is associated with adverse effects on the life course of all individuals with MDD who have some form of self-harm history.

If you want to join the movement to defeat Trump’s travel ban, you have to speak Spanish

In the days immediately following the executive order on immigration, several individuals have spoken in Spanish to support those in their countries who felt as if they were living under a religious and racial threat.

One woman, who was born and raised in France, tweeted to Trump, “Trump, you’re a dictator.” Another wrote: “America, you’re not welcome here.”

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