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Marilyn (1/11/2004) I’ve seen many female drivers with long hair, even though its not unusual nowadays – and, for the most part, they do it well. But if I was doing the driving, I would ask the girls at least to do the braids. Especially if they have shorter hair. Even if it’s a girl wearing no makeup. I see girls on the roads and I see the men in the car, and I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t do the braids.

Mark (1/15/2004)

I was walking down my front street on a summer’s day with my two chidren and an elderly couple (who had been with us for years). As we approached the end of my street which had a lot of parked cars for sale, there were a group of “bobbleheads” (a word used to describe young guys in the area dressed as little girls). In fact these were the only people around, but they all came to our aid. One in particular pulled his bicycle over, and a few bobblehead boys took a row of two chairs along the side of their bicycles, and sat down and said in a loud voice “Hey, let me sit down and buy some coffee with you.” The lady was quite irritated, but said we should be more concerned with the other girls on the street. After another few seconds that she couldn’t take, she asked me if we would like some coffee. We nodded (which is the usual first thing the boys do), and this is where the bobbleheads went off. They sat down in front of us, as though they were “our” girls. We asked the bobbleheads to go out onto the street (that is the sidewalk) and buy some coffee, and they did so. The lady said at that point that the bobbleheads are “like “our” children – they are very young and innocent and silly. But they are very polite and don’t want to hurt themselves and get a fine from the authorities.”

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Lily (1/16/2004)

I had my son in a different country, as his father was in the military. One day, he was about 9 years old. His father came into the room and asked him who his favorite was, which he said that he likes all his brothers and sisters best. And he didn’t like to answer. So the dad started to punch him. The son was angry, and as

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