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Yes. There is definitely a female gap here as it was found by the National Centre for Social Research;

“Women make up half of young people aged 15-24 in the UK, but they are only 10 per cent of the electorate in a lot of seats at the general election or local council elections.”

So girls might have a chance with all that energy and ambition, but in the end, their chances are pretty slim.

3. You don’t get to decide on the type of person you are and what your value is

In the UK, in the absence of an express right to vote, people’s choices are determined by other people, often from a distance.

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This is most obvious today, with the recent referendum to leave the EU, when one of the arguments made, in a large way, was “you can change your mind”. Of course you are free to do so. It’s just that if you do, you have to consider which is better for your future.

This creates an interesting dynamic in Britain, where there is a strong “me, me” instinct. A woman may be able to change her mind, but it can’t always be because she is a strong choice.

The same is true in the US: In fact, you can choose to be as selfless as a man, or as selfish as a woman, you can have the right to be as passionate about something as you please.

And yet, in many of the US, if you are a gay person, it can be harder out there than at home. As people have become more vocal about their sexuality, so too has the backlash.

4. You are not considered as an individual person

When we try to fit in our own “image”, when we are seen as an individual person, we make the social and political environment very difficult for ourselves. And not only this, we can be attacked if we don’t toe the party line.

Of course, we’ve taken a step away from treating ourselves in this way, and there will be a step back again in the future, as we realise that our image is probably the most important thing in our lives.

“In this, there is a paradoxical dynamic in which the ideal is that we should always do what we think others are thinking of us, but this is an illusion.”

It’s a sad reality that many people, if they are not quite so well liked, can be made

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