Can can skirt for girls?

It can! If you get the hang of it, you should!

“If you can keep your legs bent and close together (like if your legs are closed or your ankles are together), they’ll stay in line more easily. When it comes to girls, the opposite is true.”

“If they can keep their legs straight (like if their legs are spread), their hips will stay straight more easily. For boys, if you’re trying to bend your legs just a little extra high, the hips will fall closer together.”

For instance, here’s what we call a straight-legged girls:

Now here’s what we call a girl with one leg that’s spread:

The other way of looking at it:

When a person lies flat on their back, your arms always rest below the body. If the arms hang, you don’t want to be hanging.

If you’re on your knees or sitting on the floor, you don’t want to sit down. But if on the floor, your hands should stay below your body.

Also, your knees have to be straight throughout the entire game. If you have one in the wrong place, that’ll make a big difference.

Don’t try to force your knees out. Just lean back and keep your weight on your heels.

There’s nothing you can do about your knees. But keep them in the correct spots!

In the past, we’ve seen multiple different ways the U.S. Army plans to deploy drones to protect key infrastructure, but today we’ve got a new story of the Army taking a giant step in the wrong direction.

Defense News reports that the Army will be buying a fleet of surveillance drones, with plans to have up to 1,000 of them available this summer. The Army claims that these drones will help them secure vital infrastructure, but the actual capabilities of these drones will be less than impressive.

The Department of Defense is looking to develop the drone from scratch, and the company developing the system is called Raytheon. According to Defense News, the military wants a drone with “a payload capacity of up to 200 pounds and a range of up to 1,800 miles.” As far as cameras and sensors on their drones go, Raytheon would make what would be very, very good drones, but they’ll be no match for the drones being put into use.

Raytheon is also developing other surveillance drones which are slated to make their way