Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing?

(Belly dancing refers to the belly flops commonly seen during belly dancing).

The following are some reasons why belly dancing is more dangerous than other types:

Belly dancing exposes you to the high blood pressure and diabetes risk associated with being overweight

Belly dancing makes you more susceptible to the heart condition arrhythmias, particularly when used with a lot of fast (tugged and fast-twitch) muscle fibers in order to move quickly, which is the hallmark of high-risk heart problems.

Belly dancing puts you in a constant and extreme state of movement, making you more vulnerable to injury.
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Belly dancing puts much of the stress your muscles are put under through the movement.

Belly dancing is a workout with a high potential of causing injury due to increased physical activity and increased muscle tension. It also puts a high risk for injury, especially among the more sensitive areas of the body.

Belly dancing puts a high amount of weight on the abs, including the large and small abdominals.

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Last season the Washington Capitals found themselves in the middle of the East’s tightest playoff race. Though they finished sixth, they were the only team in the conference with a shot at the Stanley Cup. It was a challenge, of course, but one that the Caps won.

The playoffs saw the team go on an impressive run, with the team’s defense becoming a strong unit and its offense finding it’s mojo. Yet, when the team returned to American Tire Center for Game No. 7 of the best-of-seven series, goaltender Braden Holtby, the Capitals’ savior the first two rounds, looked as good as ever. He has been one of the best goalies in the League this season, and it should not be understated that there is nothing more important than a goalie having a good game—especially at this time.

Holtby came into his series against the Boston Bruins as the starter, and his first start was not what he expected. The Capitals, in their own zone, found themselves up 0-3 and seemed to be playing on their heels. They lost the period early and Holtby surrendered his fifth goal of the match when he gave up a rebound goal to Tyler Seguin for an initial 5-3 Capitals lead.

The Bruins tied the game on a rebound goal by Daniel Paille just over 10 minutes later, and the Capitals took over control.