Do you have to be skinny to belly dance?

A controversial Lebanese belly dancer, fake Apple Stores in China ...

No. I could do something crazy with my face if I wanted to but I would probably turn into that weird fat chick.

Have you been to any belly dancing lessons in Sydney, Australia?

I’ve already been to a few – it’s super expensive. And if I’m looking to pay a visit to Australia, I won’t be paying for the actual dance, it will be for the training and to try out the poses. I had a really good tutorial where I went for belly dancing and I’m just about getting the rest of the training sorted in Adelaide now.

Any favorite outfits that you’ve got your eye on?

When I’m at the beach in Sydney I am always looking for something new that I can wear with anything. It would be fun, I’m actually considering buying a tanning bed and a tannery to be able to do something totally different, and I would love to do something like that on tour. I also love the skinny jeans and all of my jeans I wore in Japan.

How long do you usually get in the studio and how many hours do you work?

I do about nine or ten shows per week depending on how busy I get and how much we work. The studio is about 2 kilometres from my house so I go there two or three times a week, and I like to do something new everyday. If I have time, I like to do yoga when I am just at the studio and I do weight training when I’m out. I don’t really take too many breaks but when we go away for a weekend or when it’s a busy week I will get home later.

What are the most difficult poses for you?

There are many, so I have to find them as I go. When I do yoga I usually look for movements that I like to do which involves my back and my rib cage. It takes a bit of getting used to, and getting used to doing them by myself can be tricky sometimes but there are a few where you get used to it when you try it out and start to like it. I’m also learning how to do stuff like how to do the leg raise. That’s pretty tricky, it’s a lot of muscles. I don’t usually look for as many technical things as they say because it’s not what makes me happy to do them.

What do you have on your back right now with your tattoo? Any special plans for it like a tattooed logo to represent