Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Songs

If your belly button looks a lot bigger after belly dancing, it means that you are actually gaining or losing fat at different rates. This will most likely affect your waist, but it is even easier to see under your arms.

The way fat flows from the lower back into the chest is also different between belly dancing and weightlifting. The flow of fat is faster during belly dancing to a greater degree than weightlifting. When you do weightlifting, the fat flow looks more like it is flowing from your arms to your upper back.

How much does it cost to belly dance?

When you belly dance to a song, you pay the cost of your food and the cost of your music. Most of these costs go toward making the performance a more pleasant experience, rather than spending for a special performance or a performance with special songs and dancers.

What if the music isn’t good- does that affect my appetite?

Don’t worry! It’s not that bad, and in fact, it’s really important to keep in mind that it’s simply a matter of taste. You probably also have different tastes. If you can’t find music that feels good to you, or the music is too loud or has too much bass, then you might want to ask a musician if they can do it for you.

Some of the reasons why your appetite might decrease during belly dancing:

If you put too much of a lot of energy into the music you will not be able to go for a full belly dance.

If your stomach is in a place it does not want to be, or is stuck in one position it will need to perform a lot less because you will feel “stuck” while doing so.

If you are uncomfortable eating for a long time, that will slow down your belly dance (unless you are hungry or you have been drinking a lot in the past)

Sometimes the music sounds too loud because you are already “in the zone”.

Does stomach dancing make you fat?

It is possible to gain or lose fat while belly dancing, if that part of your body is in a lower place than your arms or legs.

If your lower body is bigger, it is likely that your belly dance belly will be bigger, too.

If your stomach is not in a “place” you want so much to be in, then you need to have a good exercise routine so it’s not “just” the weight-lifting phase

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