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In this post we examine the strength of your abdomen muscles and how they affect your ability to move your legs.

We will also look at some other exercises you may be interested in doing so you can build strong abdominals – including hip-dominant squats and sit-ups.

In this post we examine the strength of your abdominal muscles and how they affect your ability to move your legs.

What Are These Abs Looking Like?

These are some of the muscles you will see on your body when you do bodyweight exercises.

The abdominals control your lower body movements – including the movement of your legs.

How Your Abs Build Muscle

What makes your abdominals strong? The main way they strengthen your abdominals – and help you to move your legs stronger – is by using a specific contraction (contractile) that they can’t do.

That contraction is called ab contraction.

If you could learn to learn to perform them yourself then you would have one more strong abdominal muscle – you would be a stronger person.

But because we are so used to doing muscle activation exercises for our core that we don’t get the chance to learn ab contraction as quickly as we should.

But the good news is that you are in the best position that you can be to improve your abdominal strength.

Now let’s move on and consider some of the exercises that will help you to build abdominal strength.

The Abs Should be Flexible

When it comes to abdominal exercises that involve your abs, their flexibility is equally important. Because in order to build strong abs you need a strong core and a wide range of flexibility.

If your abs were tightly closed then the movement of the core would feel heavy and painful.

If they were loosely compressed they would be much easier to perform.

That’s why a good core exercise is really important. Without strong abdominals then you would find the most effective ab work is to use ab contraction for most of your core work.

The Best Abs Exercises

If you are someone who is already working on building strong abdominal muscles then these exercises will probably work the most for you.

The core exercises on this list will stretch your abs – but their purpose is not to strengthen abs muscles. Rather their purpose is to support and stabilize your body. And since we want to support and stabilize our body it does not make much sense to use ab exercise for our core work.

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