Does Belly Dancing strengthen your core? – Shakira Belly Dancing Techniques Of Neutralization Examples

For the sake of comparison, here’s one that doesn’t include any abdominal work:

As an aside: I’m not the only guy who enjoys abdominal work when using belly dancing. Some people like it because it strengthens the entire abdominal area. Some people like it because they feel like they can actually sit on some kind of chair. The good thing about belly dancing is that you can always tell why or don’t like it by how you hold it. Does it hold a lot of tension? This means it’s too loose, and it won’t work without a firm support.

I personally find belly dancing to be pretty good for the gut because you can control how much tension the belly gets. I’m kind of an old school belly dancer, so I don’t normally put a lot of effort into my core, but I definitely try to hold onto that tight spot on my belly, and it usually feels much better.

Do you teach belly dancing?

Yes, for classes taught by the renowned instructor Jimi-Lee Jones, with a lot of people from The Body Movement Institute in LA.

Does belly dancing give you any type of abdominal pain?

Yes, actually it does. However, that is actually not what belly dancing focuses on. This is actually one of the main focuses in the core work that belly dancing is focused on—isometrics, or abdominal rotation. This is one of the best core exercises out there, because it allows you to keep the abdominal muscle tension while not having to strain your core in any way.

I’ve also found that belly dancing gives me a lot more blood flow in my abdominal area than other exercises can give me. You know, it’s a pretty good indicator that you have a strong core if you can see a little flow through your abdominal muscles. Also, belly dancing also allows me to stretch out that core better, since my belly is already tight.

Can belly dancing help you lose weight?


You can lose fat really quickly from doing belly dancing, because belly dancing is so light—not even one ton of weights is required to do belly dancing! It’s pretty much just a dance around the belly from the back that keeps you from moving too much when you aren’t fully focused.

What’s more, the whole thing only lasts about four minutes. In fact, it’s actually a great core exercise for people who are trying to lose weight because it focuses on how the core works differently when

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