Does dancing count as a workout?

Although dancing is considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise, many of its benefits cannot be gained while in the pool.

Many studies have looked at other types of exercise — like tennis or basketball — in their stead. These studies have not proved that dancing beats tennis or basketball.

“We do not suggest that people should stop their sports to dance. As long as there is a safe, suitable and suitable activity to do at the same time, this exercise does not hurt,” added Vodnik.

What about the risk of injury?

Dancing is not dangerous. A survey by Swiss researchers found that 75 per cent of swimmers reported no injuries in their pool sessions. “The risk is zero,” Vodnik said.

One of the largest, best in the country (sorry Texas), and most exciting clubs to play is the North Dakota Outlaws.

The team originally started in 2008 under a team name that featured a goat, but over the years the name changed to reflect a number of changes from year to year.

For 2014, they have returned to their original name “North Dakota Outlaws.”

They’re one of the oldest teams in the country and will begin 2014 with three former Division I head coaches in their fold.

Former Iowa State head coach Bob Diaco was the head coach of the North Dakota Outlaws when they won the National Championship in 2012. He went on to head up the Florida Gators, where he coached for 17 seasons before leaving for North Dakota in 2012

Then, with coach Rick Johnson leaving to coach the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, North Carolina State head coach Paul Johnson came in and coached the Outlaws since 2013. He’s never missed a game since taking over as head coach in late 2011, and he has the North Dakota Outlaws on pace for the highest scoring season in the team’s history.

The 2015 season will be full of surprises as they start one of the most successful campaigns in team history with several newcomers and alumni players taking their games to heights they never could before.

Last season marks the 200th anniversary of the first Outlaws season, and it isn’t going to be the last we’ve seen of the club. They started out as the Western Division’s minor league affiliate before moving to the lower division, and since 2008 they’ve been one of the biggest teams in the country.

All in all, don’t be surprised if a lot of big guns are still on it.