Does twisting burn belly fat?

“When people say, ‘Oh, I wanna burn fat’, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick your arms in the air and pull your belly hair,” says Dr. C. David Hughes, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto-Globe Centre and director-in-chief of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Obesity Research Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital. “I think that people think they have to do that anyway in all sorts of sedentary and unhealthy lives. But you don’t have to do that. It’s not necessarily the only reason you want to lose fat.”

The first factor you must consider is how much your belly is actually affected by eating the foods you’re trying to lose weight on, says Dr. Hughes.”Fat is not just sitting there or moving around in your abdomen. If you do eat those foods, you might want to keep that area less leaner to accommodate the amount of calories you eat. You know, when you’re talking about cutting fat from your body, you really want to have a lower percentage.”

In other words, the better the quality of your diet, the more likely you will not have to eat excess calories at all, because they won’t affect your health.

What do people eat when they have a belly full of food, and then they lose?

“A lot of people assume that having a belly full of food means they have to eat it all, and that’s not necessarily true,” says Dr. Hughes. “A lot of people do have some calories they want to have. Some people have two thirds of what they would be eating with a belly full, but not all of that.”

If you do eat something that affects belly fat, it’s not unusual to find that consuming a portion of that food will help to diminish the appearance of belly fat in the future. So, for example, if you’re eating a piece of meat or some cheese, then it might help to give your body something to put down to your belly fat in the future, says Dr. Hughes.

If this doesn’t happen, or if you don’t do what Dr. Hughes suggests, then things aren’t necessarily all that bad.

“People eat too much and don’t burn enough stored fat for body fat loss. In other words, if you want to lose fat, it’s very important that you eat the fat in your belly that you need to burn, and that is fat