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If you love to dance and want more advanced lessons, and are able to pay for private lessons; we offer a full array of dance classes for children and adolescents; as well as a full suite of adult (adult dancing, adult dance studio, dance training) lessons, dance events, dance camp and dance competitions.

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For parents with dance-seeking children, dance instruction is the best way to learn to dance.

PALM BEACH, Fla. — The National Basketball Association is looking to expand the league’s TV deal by 10 years to the point where an average season would cost $1 billion on a league that’s projected to be worth $24 billion over its 25-year partnership with Turner Sports.

New commissioner Adam Silver said Monday that an average yearly salary of $2 million would generate $4 billion in revenue from its new TV deal, but said there’s still more they can accomplish.

“If we’re going to make this happen, we have to expand,” Silver said at a town hall in his first public remarks about the league’s future. “I think what’s interesting is to see the kind of innovation, the creativity we need to see to get there. In a year. The next year.

“I have a hard time just sitting here and saying, ‘Let’s just take what you know from the past, you know the formula — well, it works.”

The league has announced its intention to move away from a deal that pays teams $3.7 billion in TV money and would be phased out over 10 years. At least some of that money is in line with the deal the NBA has been negotiating with ESPN to increase its money, but it’s less than what the league is expected to receive from NBC, another broadcaster, in any given year from the $24 billion deal. The league is projected to earn $9.5 billion from the deal next year, and it’s not expected to go higher than $9.5 billion the rest of the way.

Still, the NBA is not going to be happy with the ESPN-NBC deal, either. In the coming months, NBC should decide whether it will renew the agreement with the NBA. The league has been hoping to get that deal done before next season, but will likely need at least one year before the league can begin negotiating with its new TV partners.

Sylvia Hayes, an 80-year-old World War II veteran, has been on death row in Iowa for 30 years

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