How can I lose my belly fat super fast? – Amazing Belly Dance

Here are some amazing tips on how to lose your belly fat…

To lose belly fat on your own you have to start small and do your fat loss in small increments. If you want to start your fat loss program now you should try a 3 month diet or 10 days of body fat loss, but remember that if you want to be able to lose belly fat again, you have to do it repeatedly in small steps over a long period of time

To lose belly fat slowly, you also have to start slowly at first. By starting small you will develop the habit of doing a weight loss in a similar manner and over time you should start to slowly lose belly fat.

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Your belly fat is like black fat and in order to grow your belly fat it needs a diet plan that includes lots of fat burning techniques and exercises.

Here are some easy, step by step fat loss guide for your belly fat loss:

1. Don’t take diet pills – Your belly fat is controlled by hormones which include insulin, leptin and ghrelin.

Insulin is responsible for burning fat that has been stored in adipose tissue.

Leptin is responsible for regulating food intake. When you are under stress, especially when you are hungry, leptin levels drop because fat is being stored in fatty adipose tissue at which point it can no longer provide energy to the muscle cells.

Growth hormone is a natural hormone that acts on many tissues, including the thyroid gland, the pancreas and muscle cells.

Growth hormone promotes the normal development and function of muscles, bones and organs.

2. Work out daily – When you are starving, working out daily will help you lose belly fat.

Do your bodybuilders do bodyweight exercises every day, every day? Yes, but only in high intensity interval training.

In low intensity weight training, the goal is to create intense but not brutal movements that cause muscle fatigue.

In order for you to lose belly fat using this method, I highly advise you to only do bodyweight exercises. This means that if you want to lose belly fat, you should only use exercises that involve full body movements when you exercise.

For example: In our workout, most of our exercises are leg, body, abdominal and back exercises which do not require much strength and are safe for the heart.

If your goal is to lose belly fat quickly – then you need to do more muscle based exercises. This means

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