How do I learn a dance routine?

The dance routine process is divided into one or both of the following parts:


Step by Step

The basics


The end

When are you free?

I will be available at any time between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for any dance routine questions or corrections.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, you can post your dance routine routines here for those who prefer to be able to see them in advance at a specified time when the schedule has been set.

Where can I obtain a DVD of my dance routine?

Please click here for our Dance DVD Catalog

What about dance classes?

No classes or dances are available for rental. This is where you can obtain information about our regular dance schedule, or book any of our “dance of the week” classes for children and teenaged dancers.

The last time the Denver Nuggets played a game without leading scorer Ty Lawson was Sept. 22, 2010, against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta.

No, we didn’t get to play him in the playoffs, unfortunately.

Last summer, the Denver Post reported that a Nuggets front office source would like to bring in veteran point guard Rajon Rondo.

However, Rondo had a problem with those who were trying to bring him in.

If you’re a GM, you don’t want your team to trade out for one of the best players of all time in the midst of their rebuild.

So he had to come up with a non-tanking option.

You might have heard about rookie guard Evan Fournier.

If you recall, Fournier had a bit of a down year for the New Orleans Pelicans as they dropped down into a tie for last place in the Western Conference. He didn’t perform on the court, but he provided a valuable role on the bench.

If he can find some consistent numbers and eventually become a reliable starter, it’s hard to see Denver trading for him.

It’s just not something he wants to do unless he gets some minutes. But when the Nuggets are near the top of the standings, he can provide valuable minutes.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs with a 114-107 loss to the Indiana Pacers, one that didn’t help their cause.

The Clippers have two games remaining and need to win both