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How does it feel to be part of the dance movement? If you were given an opportunity to dance for an entire year, who would you choose?

NARRATOR: One of the pioneers in the dance world.

RORY MCMEELMAN & TOM MCMEELMAN: We’ve both worked for Disney and DreamWorks in their motion picture business, and, of course, this is my second love: Walt Disney Animation. We’ve worked on the theme park at Disneyland in Anaheim. I love the storybook story of the boy who sets out to become a Disney character in these Disney cartoons, and how that journey has been an ongoing adventure of his character growth over a long period.

When we started at Walt Disney Studios, I was in the development department and really the first Disney animation student that I met was Dave Goelzer, who is now our executive vice president of the company. He gave me his old-fashioned old-fashioned “Don’t give up the dance”, as we called it. I’ve been doing dance and I’ve been doing live dance from the day I was born.

ROBERT KOLESKI: I love dancing. When I danced my first dance at the age of 10, I remember this girl, and I felt a little bit embarrassed because she would laugh at me and say “What? You dancing in the dirt and your feet?” (laughs) But I was so proud of my dancing; I wasn’t just in ballet and I wasn’t doing choreography but I was going home with the kid.

Now, I’m not going to say you should never dance, but you know, you’ve got to be really disciplined not to do it in the first place.

NARRATOR: As Robert Kolese points out, to be an actor, choreographer or designer, you must master a single type of talent: motion picture acting. There is no such thing as a “movement art”.

ROBERT KOLESKI: You really have to learn a little bit of every aspect of animation and performance. If you want to be a director, you’ve got to understand the animation, understand animation in a certain way, understand animation in a different way, you’ve got to work in a different way, and you’ve got to become a little bit of a “motion designer”. This is an art, and it is the only art I have found. I had the pleasure of going to dance and to sing at the ballet

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