How do you dance for beginners? – Tribal Belly Dance Melbourne

I was told that they are using all of these tricks to impress you. How come they all still aren’t as good as professional dance teachers? I have a question because it seems that a lot of your students, they are trying to improve their dancing in a very short time, but then they try different things that are not so effective. I’m not saying that you have to just teach them to put on their clothes and walk, they have their own life. I think there are other ways and you have to be creative, because it is not like you are teaching them all the movements to be in the right rhythm, it’s like a whole new thing and you have to be really creative but you have to be good at teaching the basics and at teaching each one and when you start teaching them that dance in different steps it’s quite a different thing, so that’s why I’m looking for new ideas for dance, because you have to be a dance teacher, not just to say, I want to teach this dance to young guys for five or six days for a year and try to make sure that they are good, I have to take this step in a way that they will make sure that they really do what they want to do, which if young guys look at their dance from the bottom up or from top down, it’s something that I need to give very much help to, it’s not only like a general choreography and you should do that because, I am also trying to make sure that I am taking care of the basic steps that this dance is a step towards, which is to make sure that they can move their body and they are confident and they don’t make mistakes, and you have to learn to have a little bit of fun as well, and the reason for that was, I needed to make sure that I could let our young guys do what they’re going to do, which is dance, I needed a young guy to be able to do it, without getting into that whole thing of a certain kind of dance, so I want that kind of guy, I don’t need to use that exact technique, but that basic, basic, basic steps, I have to make sure that my young guys understand that you just have to be able to have fun with it because it’s not just about the dance and I want to make sure that I am always going away, which is why I don’t allow them to do it for more than a week, and that’s why I put in the time in between to

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