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Do two steps without the use of any tools. This is also called a double dip method. The steps of two steps are not exactly the same. A double dip involves moving a bit of the ice between two plastic rods, which is a great way to cool your ice faster and save precious energy. What exactly is the difference between a double dip and a single dip? Simply this: It takes more ice for the water to cool.
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What are the dangers of ice?

I’d like to emphasize that we do not recommend trying any of these methods except for ice. And that is because we cannot stress enough what risks these methods present. The most important thing to remember when making a mistake is to know what you’re doing. You have no idea who you’re messing around with and what kind of risks you’re putting yourself at. The risk of putting a piece of ice on your body from the back of the spoon can be deadly or deadly. A piece of ice is just like a hot pot of water on your neck. As soon as it touches your neck there is nothing you can do to resist it, unless you’re a pro. If you’re not a pro, there’ll be no chance of stopping it since the ice will just flow over your body. And finally, remember that you could kill yourself if you try to keep the ice in your mouth while it cools down. We’ll save those last few sentences for the end of this article. And yes we are aware that the last one is very important. The dangers of ice are so serious that it needs a special name – it’s DANGER.


We’ll end the article on a humorous note: We call ice the devil. It has almost become something that most people simply do. That may seem strange coming from a place that’s always looking for ways to make people smile, but we really see nothing but evil in this thing. Just last February we made a lot of mistakes in that article…

Let’s talk about ice… ice. We don’t have any problem talking about ice. It’s just that we prefer making our ice without any tools. It has all the benefits of using a traditional frozen mixer (except ice cream). So all this ice talk might be more of a joke than a real comment. But for those of you who don’t mind the risk, we definitely recommend it, in fact it could be the key to making the most amazing ice cream… and also saving much energy, effort and money

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