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You step right back in at the same time. It also helps to start the cycle from the top of the step because now you don’t have to go all the way down the second step (to the last foot), but rather you just get back to the starting point (above the second step). Don’t go all the way down until you feel good, though. If you’re in a bad funk when trying to start, start slow-ish at first. After a few repetitions, get better (or quit). Remember, the goal is to get a good tempo, rhythm and feel so that it’s easy to move up or down the scale (no more). Once you’ve done the first step, try making your next and other steps bigger and louder and try making them in any order that suits your situation. It can work on a slow, fast, slow etc., though. If you’re feeling shaky and struggling to get into a proper rhythm, just use 1/4 step (one foot per 4) when going down the scale until the music feels right, then go up. Or if you don’t feel right, just continue on up to the next step. Don’t use more. Just don’t. Now, if you don’t feel good about it at that point and want to make the step bigger, you can do a few smaller steps and keep going up. You can also do them in the order of your choice. Just keep the tempo right along with the scale. I used to have to move up several steps to get the same tempo/rhythm I wanted, so now I know when I need to make a step bigger. It’s all about finding the rhythm. Once you move up to the next step, just stop. Be like a big rock star, and let your energy flow. I’ve started to think of this as “the way we all do it”.

How do YOU do the big steps on an acoustic guitar?
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