How do you do a two step?

A three step?” said the man who was speaking.

“If you’re really interested, I can show you how,” he said. He gave her arm a quick squeeze.

“Do you have any money on you?” she asked him.

“A couple dollars. I made these in the workshop. There’s a lot of people in this workshop. I made it for a couple of days ago for the workshop. I was really happy when people came. I’m going to make more.”

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“If you’re going to make more,” she said. “You’ll have to kill all these others too.”

The man chuckled.

“It’s not necessary to kill all those people. Don’t even think about it. Just do what you can.”

And they set out on a new life of crime.

The next morning, they moved into their living room, and she found his room empty. The room was dark and empty.

“Where you been?” she said, peering into his room to find him curled up on his bed.

“I’ve been working.” He got up. “You’ve got to kill me.”

She tried to get up too.

“Don’t kill yourself. You’ve got to do it, right now.” She took another step closer to him and pressed a fist to his cheek. “Don’t!”

“Hear me?” the man said.

“Please,” she said. “Don’t kill yourself!”

And one day she saw him in the alley where he had been. He looked at her, his eyes wide open. He seemed to realize something. He stopped running, and put a hand on her shoulder, looking her directly in the eye.

“What are you doing now?” she asked. “Your friend? You know I have a job. Now you’ve been gone a week. Why? What will you tell your family?”

He looked shocked. “I told you, I couldn’t do it,” he said. “I’m so useless. But if you want something to eat and a drink, I will cook for you. I can make do, so far as the work goes.”

“Can we leave now?” she said.

“Sure.” He turned around and ran off as fast as he could. She followed close behind, and she could hear a faint scream.

She called out the