How do you move your hips? – Arabic Belly Dance Music Instrumental Mp3 Download

(Hands on hips) Mmm, yeah, so your hips will just slide along with the movement. That’s good, your breath is going to get better and better as your muscles get stronger. (Giggle) Your face is starting to look even better, you can almost see the changes. Mmm, and my hands are really grabbing this ass. I mean, don’t they feel good, right? (Soft moan) It’s ok, they’re just holding you so you don’t slip out or get separated from my cock. The way you’re moving… it’s getting so hot that I’m so hot. (Sigh) Ok, (Growl) I need to take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are to have me as such a good-looking woman in your life. You’re so beautiful… beautiful, with beautiful dark hair… and dark eyes, and those dark beautiful lips. I mean, I’m not an old lady, but you’re pretty, I think that’s enough. You’re really beautiful, and I think I’ll be able to look at you a lot more often than I normally do, if that’s ok. We should talk about what we do for fun in the mornings. Do you think I’ll be able to join you for breakfast, or something? I’m pretty sure my body can handle all of it. Mmm, (Growl) your cock feels so good against me. You are… a really nice cock, actually. And… (Mildly moan) I like how you moan when I touch myself. (Deep moan) You’re so sensitive, aren’t you sweetie? I love hearing you moan like that. I love hearing you moan when I cum. That’s it. (Sigh) Ok, ok, calm down, ok, just… stop making your orgasm so sexy. I want to hear it, right? (Deep moan) Good boy. You’re doing much better than I expected. I know, I know, there’s a reason I thought I just might have a problem. But you made your head clear and your body got used to the movement. (Smack hand lightly) I can feel your balls tighten up just looking at you, but you didn’t really want me to touch you. I was worried that you would have a hard time. I’m just letting you make your own decision. Mmm, keep doing what you’re doing, keep squeezing my balls, keep stroking yourself like that, and tell
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