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Do you hold the bar on your front side – for example, the way you hold the bar on your right side? How do you lock your front hip to lock the back hip to lock the back leg?

Do you use hip extension? Using hip extension to keep the bar on that side when you lock the hip is almost the same as using hip extension when you lock the hip.

If so, you’ve got it right. You lock the hips at the start, rather than the end.

(Of course, one can hold the bar on the outside hip).

The “possible traps”

The “possible traps” are another area where many lifters fail to execute correctly. When working on the traps, you need to consider the hips as one unit which will work the same as the traps and the hips should be used in the same way.

This is why some people fail to lock the hips early in the set. When I teach this to lifters, I emphasize using the hips to lock the traps. The way to do it is to hold the bar on the outside hip. Then, as I move back I bring the bar forward and let it stay there as I bring the knee forward.

I teach this method because with a good lock to the traps you don’t need to use a lot of extension or the legs to lock the hips. The legs should lock the hips too.

And you wouldn’t want to lock the hips just because the trap has been used earlier. I would make sure the hips can still be used for lockout to lock the torso to the legs.

The bottom line

If you can learn to lock your hips in the traditional way, you’ll have more trouble locking the traps. But this should be enough to be more of a threat. If you need help locking the traps, try the “possible traps” method, and don’t try to hide it.


By Peter Lee

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