How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing Fitness For Beginners

We’ve had about 1,700 people come through our door over the previous 6 months. A couple of people have been twerking for ages now. For the most part they have been female with their friends, but have also been male.

There have also been mixed reviews about the experience. Some people say it’s fun, some that it’s a pain in the buttocks.

If the twerkers’ wives were here they’d be complaining too. Maybe they should just stop twerking for a moment, I say – or even just do a few flips.

“We like to get away from the office sometimes, so why not get up and twerk in the local park,” says Jodie. “It’s only the third hour of the day – why not? We have to stop. There are men all over the park watching, and they’re going wild at what they see. So I just did it anyway.”

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I give her a look of genuine puzzlement and she shrugs her shoulders.

“They’re probably just happy to be on a busy Saturday morning,” she says, adding that at least she doesn’t have to work late anymore.

What about the twerkers’ wives?

“Well, when I think of how long each session is, I feel bad about it, but in the end it’s about time,” says Jodie, laughing. “For the girls it works like an automatic twerk – the males have to be quick like that.”

It’s quite clear you’re a girl at heart if you’re not twerking. So why the fixation?

Jodie explains it’s about self-worth: “I find it liberating and very sexy, too. You get to look at yourself and tell your boss that, which is why I do it. Because I feel like I am not good enough. I’m just here for a quick buck.”

That’s fine, I say, but do you really want to do that, when you could be doing something fun like reading a book or going for a stroll, with nobody watching?

Jodie smirks, then explains it’s about “being assertive and not being a bit weak. It’s empowering. Not that my partner takes anything away from me, but they get to hear me, and see me doing something very active, like twerking. They feel like they could do the same.”

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