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Twerking is basically a slow moving dance. Most people know this as the famous “twerking” movement, but it certainly can be done with a few twists and turns to it. It is also considered one of the first “new” things people learn when they learn martial arts on their own.

You would not twerk if you think in the way most popular twerk videos encourage, or if you do it for any other reason than it is fun! It is just about as cool as any other movement that is part of the martial arts. It doesn’t require an exact copy of a popular move to be a twerk, although you should be able to twerk fairly well based on your moveset. You could very easily twerk like Twigs during the time period when the “dumb-jump” was a popular move.

The basic movement of twerking should look like this:

A straight line will twerk very well, just to be safe. You can twerk it in a very different way, as well. One of the most common ways people Twerk is with a twist. Twist twerks work great for many reasons-

It’s fast. A twist can get a twerk going faster and much more evenly. Twist twerks should look something like this, not like those twerks you see on YouTube 😛

It’s fun to perform. If you do a twist, it will probably make some twerk action in your leg in the process- you will be twerking in a fast way that keeps you in the groove.

Twerk without a Twist

You can perform a twist with either your hands or your legs. It’s easy to twerk with both arms and legs, but you need to have the flexibility and balance to twerk with your whole body, as shown below.

Most people twerk with their head facing the ground, so a twerk with your feet down on the floor might give a more natural or “twerk-y” feel. There will be a lot more movement through your legs and arms, so a twist might give you a better feel around your body. You could twerk with the twist, or with both at the same time, if in doubt.

What’s the difference between twerking one-arm twerks and two-arm twerks?

One-arm twerk is where one arm twerks while another one

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