How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing Youtube Egypt

Twerk, my friends.
Learn Belly Dancing from Jamila, World Champion Bellydance ...

(Weird smile.)

It’s like a giant monkey.

I swear.


What’s the big deal?

(More of the weird smile.)


No way.

I have enough time of my life as it is.

(She shrugs.)

Let’s just go home.

(She says, “Don’t mention it.”.)

Aww, come on, Twister.

(She says, “Why? I’m trying to get you to twerk,” then goes around his back and gets ready to jump over him.)

Okay, Twister.

Let’s just go home.

(She goes around front of him and jumps over him, laughing.)

See, the big deal?

“Twerking,” Twister.

See, the big deal?

“How do I twerk?”

You can’t twerk on TV!

(She says, “What?”)

Twerking on TV is too weird.

It’s too weird to twerk on TV. Who wants to hear that shit?

A man gets caught twerking on TV.

Whoa! He twerks on TV!

(He takes a couple of steps back.)

Oh my God!

He’s gonna go in jail.

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