How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Belly Dancing Controversy

A great big bag of Twerking Calories

If my Twerking doesn’t get you to the bathroom, I have more than enough Twerking calories to start doing it for an hour.

I started twerking three or four years ago, before twerking had become a thing that I was interested in doing, and I haven’t stopped. There is a long list of other activities which were “more exciting” when I first started twerking than Twerking, and these are the ones which I do on a regular basis.

Do you ever have a good and/or bad day?

No, but I still need a good and/or bad day. The good day is usually day 3 in which I manage to go 2 seconds, 1.5 of a second faster, which is my first time in history doing that in a meet. The bad day is day 4 in which I can only manage to go 1.5 of a second slower.

So if I get a bad day, does that mean I need to stop twerking?

No. No. No. Just kidding. I don’t need any sort of rest day whatsoever.

When should I stop twerking?

In the middle of day 3 or 4 when I can manage up to 1.5 seconds slower

What should I do if I get one of my legs cut off?

Go to the hospital. You’re not in the world to be cut off

What happens to my clothes when I’m done twerking?

Put them in a drawer with another clothes drawer so I can come downstairs and pick them up when someone comes up to me with my shirt on. It’s like a big drawer with my t-shirt right next to my butt-hole.

Do you ever get nervous and want to go to the bathroom?

No, usually I don’t even feel nervous, except in the moment to myself when I realize that I am going to leave the meet with a twerking shirt on and I will be so nervous I might fall down if I don’t get it off.

What’s the worst thing you’ve done while twerking?

Just getting my ass touched at the meet.

What’s something that could make you go out of the meets and get injured?

Striking my head when I drop my back into the ground.
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