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“1,000 calories an hour” is the common average. Twerking in the beginning is an effort to get into full sync while staying balanced in your body and mind. Twerking for long periods of time like a 30 year old woman can be exhausting. The average Twerking cycle lasts from 5 to 10 minutes and each cycle is about 6 to 8 minutes.

“The Twerk Cycle” was created so you can get into sync and stay cool under the sun. The average number of seconds that a Twerk Cycle lasts with your partner is 8 to 20 seconds. Your partner should stay below 90 degrees by the end of each Twerk Cycle.

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How does the twerk cycle change during the time of year?

In summer the sun is a lot brighter. This makes twerk’s faster and allows more Twerks in total. You can also have shorter Twerks for just a short while. All these changes allows the body to adjust itself to the sun’s more intense light.

So if you are a summer Twerker, you can start warming up slowly at first but then gradually move up to a longer Twerk Cycle once you get into a rhythm.

Why don’t all Twerks do the same Twerk Cycle?

It really depends on your body structure and how active you are. Some Twerks might have the “perfect body” while others might not. If you get too hot in twerk mode, you might do a Twerk Cycle where you just stay in a twerk position all day and not do any real exercise. So if you want to get into a rhythm, you need something that really allows your body to go in cycles to get into it. You might want to start with just Twerk cycles while trying to get into a rhythm.

Other tips.

Twerk Cycle is meant to be for anyone looking to “have fun” without hurting anyone. It is NOT a game. So if you really really want to do something different you could try Twerking as the opposite of Twerk. You can do some other different exercises or workout, or use Twerking as an exercise. Or a lot of exercises that are healthy and well organized.

How can I help Twerking?

Twerk Cycle should be just about fun. It is NOT about going as hard as possible. Don’t sweat, don’t do

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