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Islam is known for having an Islamic law for the punishment for those who are “unbelievers.” This includes not only the murder of unbelievers, such as those who “sin,” which is an inherent and violent sin, but also for those who are “in sin.” In the name of Allah, Allah says:

“What the People do not know about you (O Muhammad) they will never understand, and what they do not know about you they will never be able to understand. (But whoever does a good deed will be forgiven by Allah; whoever did not do that, be on his guard) and whoever did not sin, be on his guard (from the punishment of) the Fire.” (33:58)

Ibn Kathir said in his commentary of this passage: “O Muhammad! If you perform a thing while in the state of ignorance, it is better for you to perform that thing again while you are a believer.” (See his Tafsir, al-Fath li-Maa’id as-Salam al-Ahkam, 1/4)

“There is no soul that is not a Muslim according to the Law, except those who have lost trust in Allah, because they forgot their places (i.e. Allah), and there is no doubt that the reward for his remembrance and his remembrance of Allah is greater while he is a believer than when he is a disbeliever. (That is) due to the great disgrace that he will be afflicted with in hell and a greater torment and torment on the Day of Resurrection, in the most bitter torment known to man.” (Qur’an, 21:29)

Islam’s belief in the doctrine of eternal punishment for any who do not follow its dictates may not come as a surprise if one has examined the beliefs of many other religions. However, in Islam the punishment for those who commit disbelief is eternal, and it is based on certain principles. Those who do not believe in Allah, or are of one of the three kinds of people, are not accepted as Muslims. Also, Muslims must follow the laws prescribed by Allah so as to be fully Muslims, and not reject the religion in the slightest.

There are several other injunctions that Muslims are warned against as well, and Islam is no different from any other religion or sect.

What is the difference between one who leaves Islam and embraces other religions?

Some people say that one who leaves Islam and adopts other religions or

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