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I think it has a nice combination of the old-fashioned fun part of it, but also the element of femininity. The girls are really pretty and are wearing a lot of makeup. Some of the girls are even wearing a bikini. I think belly dancing is a bit more of a feminine role than ballet or other dances. It’s like a little bit more feminine.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the recent spate of terrorism in Iraq was the sheer number of fighters from Islamic State and their willingness to lay down their self-sacrificing lives in the name of God and Islam. While many were certainly “un-Islamic” and even unbelievers, their selfless devotion and sacrifice made them worthy of admiration. I don’t mean to be glib or condescending, but their sacrifice was truly an honorable one.

And I mean to say, there are many examples of people from the Islamic State who do in fact hold that sort of devotion. For example, it is noteworthy to note that the following two quotes come from the same sources and were quoted in the news reports of yesterday:
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I swear by the Prophet that I will protect you and my family. I swear by the Prophet that I will join you in jihad until we reach the city of Medina

A Sunni Muslim cleric in Iraq announced last week that he was going to go “full jihad” in the United States and Iraq in support of the Islamic State, which is battling the Iraqi Army and allied militias.

In the Islamic State’s media agency Amaq, one of the group’s officials, “Abu Omar al-Shami,” wrote: “If it is not an American, I will fight and wage jihad with all my might until we reach the American land.” Al-Shami added, “I swear we will never give up until we reach the American land.” [Amaq, 7/9/16]

In other words, many of these men and women are willing to risk their lives for the cause of the Islamic State. While not all of them are “un-Islamic” by the way of the word, their self-sacrifice and martyrdom is not to be ignored on this issue. In fact, the same men and women who were willing to die for the cause of the Islamic State were willing to sacrifice for the other groups of Muslims in Iraq.

And these men and women are not the exception. The number of women who have left the Islamic State to form independent militias is

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