Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Where Did Belly Dancing Originated

The truth is, belly dancing is no guarantee of good health. Studies suggest that regular baccy is harmful to the lower back, but some people still do it in the belief that it makes them look better and gives them the “laid-back look.” But what we’ve learned about back issues since these studies began reveals that it’s not good shape for the back. While some people who do this do find the “cool,” laid back look, there are still risks. To get you back on the right path, there are no good (and bad) ways to do baccy, so check out the five bad habits that can cost you your life.

1. You Have Not Paid Attention to Your Muscles

You’ve just finished the dance routines, which mean the fun is just beginning. But there’s another dance, often overlooked, and that’s stretching.

It may seem like something simple to you as you walk out of the dance studio. But it’s not. Spinning and stretching can be tricky and can have a lot of effect on your back by taking tension out of your muscles. Think of that feeling you had when your knees flexed and your hips dropped while you flexed your legs at the top of a lift. That’s because that release is caused by a lack of motion, caused by how much muscle tension there is in your back muscles.

A lot of the stretching done by baccy performers is done while you still have tension and tension’s place is on your muscles. Stretch and tighten your core and thighs muscles while you still have a lot of muscle tension and you’ll be in excellent shape. But if there isn’t enough tension that your core doesn’t want to tense, your back will be too stiff and you won’t be able to bend your legs at the end of a backbend. So make sure to stretch with the proper technique, don’t overdo it, and always stretch with your core.

When you first start it, you’ll probably feel a lot of back pain or feel that the dance takes away some of the pain in your back while trying it. There are times when it takes you a few days of back muscles getting stronger to feel the back pain subside. You will know that you’re in good shape because your back is tight and you can do poses and hip stretches that you hadn’t dreamed of doing before.

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What can you do to make sure baccy gets you back in shape right away?

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