Is belly dancing from India?

In India, people do belly dance (called Bishnu Chaturthi for short) in various places, especially in the southern parts of the country. This is a traditional dance. However, the dance also has a certain meaning and tradition.

In the United States, belly dancing is known as “chuchu dance” (Chinese for belly dance) in which the participants hold one leg in a “pony tail” (the Chinese version of a “paw”). This gives a person the “dong dong” feel. People usually start on all fours, and some people do a flip off to the side first before starting the belly dance.

The Chinese translation for belly dancing is 走吃下靛破 (Zuo Buhong Ding Duan) which translates to belly dancing, but we recommend learning it from a teacher and practicing it together.

A few years ago, I wrote an article describing my decision to move into a place with a similar theme: an empty office. I was there for another article I wrote about a couple of months down the line, which was basically a continuation of the original, but in a slightly different setting. In that article, I said that I wanted to live in an office, so I moved in, and in doing so, I came to learn how valuable empty office space actually is.

After just about 10 days in the space, it was time to put down roots, so I took out my own space on the second floor of the building, and just called it my office. I found it to be beautiful and clean. I felt comfortable there, and it was an awesome place to work. It allowed me to work on all of my projects right across the office from my desk. (The building, not me.) If I wanted to, I could even come in from lunch or breakfast, without being interrupted by the constant din of the office space, because it did not contain any of those. (Well, it had a big kitchenette inside, but they were always busy.) One of the few places on the third floor where I felt a bit isolated was in my bathroom.

At some point, someone suggested that I put down my phone. I just got an iPhone 6S, and this really pissed me off. As someone who has been a mobile programmer for all of his life, I would be really happy to have my phone sitting there (even if it’s on my desk, as it