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It may go well with some Italian fare such as lasagna or spaghetti, or pasta sauce on a piece of spaghetti. It is not a dance to any particular religious group. The Latin American countries traditionally, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela have a higher proportion of belly dancing than in other countries in the region.

Wine, beer and alcohol
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One particular aspect of Brazilian belly dancing which might be confused with other European/Brazilian (European and Asian) influences is the use of non-traditional alcohol like wine, beer and beer soft drinks.

In traditional African cultures, the use of wine was more widespread than any other substance, and even in most other countries in the South-eastern areas or the West, beer was not particularly important. Alcohol in African cultures was mostly used in an alcoholic manner to enhance the effects of the drugs taking place the night prior.

In Brazil, drinking alcohol is an important part of the festivities in Brazilian society. Because, as the Brazilians say, “Drinking is part of the ceremony,” there are certain occasions when alcohol is required to accompany some of the more important parts of the parties. In this way, the Brazilian population is able to enjoy different types of alcoholic beverages, like wines, beer, soda, hard drinks, spirits, and tequilas (alcoholic spirits).

Belly dancing culture on the island of Nauru

Belly Dancing in Nauru. Source.

Belly dancing culture on the island of Nauru is quite different from the one in South America. In Nauru people have a very sophisticated tradition of music, dancing, and music and dance in general. Because the culture and traditions of Nauru take place on the island of Nauru, its natives make up a large proportion of Nauru’s population. The Nauruans, however, consider themselves to be descendants of the ancient Hora (Polynesian) peoples who occupied the island until the early 1600’s.

Nauru is not only home to a lot of traditional dancers, it is home to a variety of cultural practices of the people. These traditions are not limited to dancing, as these practices include drinking (also common in the South American cultures), eating and taking part in religious rituals. In essence, the Nauruans consider themselves to be a very ancient people, descendants of the Polynesian peoples who inhabited the island since the earliest times. It must be borne in mind that because the

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