Is belly dancing religious?

Dancing, in any form, is a religious or cultural activity with religious or cultural significance in which someone else makes a public display or is present in accordance with a religious tradition.

For example, dancing is not only an aspect of the religious ceremonies that take place in many Jewish and Muslim households, but also a religious activity that draws people in to observe and participate in sacred religious events.[5]

Some people may think that their religious activities are harmless or do not have anything to do with nudity or sexual conduct.[3] However, such assumptions are incorrect.
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In Canada, there are few laws that specify that there should be clothing, or that there should be nudity, and they do not cover everyone who goes to public places. Some people consider their religious practices harmless and/or not considered a part of the day-to-day life of others. However, the public is protected under section 15 and section 25 of the human rights code.[6] If you observe your religion in public, in addition to the laws that apply to everyone, you also have to worry about the laws that apply to everyone and apply only to you.

The Canadian government has a strict prohibition on indecency and lewdness in public:

Section 1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination for religious grounds. Section 12 of the act also protects the rights of women, children, and those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

For example, as noted earlier, the federal Human Rights Commission considers nudity to be degrading and indecent.

Section 12 of the Canadian Human Rights Act protects the rights of women, children, and those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. The act also protects the rights of Indigenous peoples, children, and young persons. Section 15, which defines a public place, says that anything that “encourages or endorses any of the following: … nudity … sex … debauchery … sexual intercourse … homosexuality … incest … lascivious exhibition of the genitals … bestiality … or that is likely to incite others to engage in the same” is prohibited. [Footnote 2]

Section 15 states that any person who engages in any of these activities is guilty of an offence and is subject to fines and imprisonment.

What about the dress code?

This topic has multiple aspects. First, the dress code. As stated above, the Dress Code, which covers anyone who applies for a business license[7], stipulates that clothing must be “modest and