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Well yes, but also w/ an in-depth discussion of the many ways in which hip hop culture is being impacted by politics, social injustice, racism, religion, racism, and so on, from music to politics, from social media to politics, and so on. There has been too much of that going on lately to ignore. This is not a show about a rapper, so do not go expecting anything about that subject matter. We hope you will listen to the show and do the best you can as listeners. (And I say this sincerely, not with any disrespect or expectation and never to be taken as anything but a listener of hip hop music and of everything else I try to contribute to that culture).

How will the show be structured?

In order to understand the format of the show, please watch the video here, then come back to our website, and click on this box:

“Select” – this will give you a brief overview of the format. (Note: If you do not click on this box, your listening will be restricted to the audio version.)

The first episode will come out around March or April. After that, I will be giving you some additional information on what the show will be about, its topics and subjects, and so on.

What other resources can I listen to before the show?

In addition to listening to the audio file, I encourage users of iTunes, Google Play Music, RSS, and so on to download a podcast player. I can also offer links to these that will assist you in creating a downloadable file of the audio, where you can then listen to it or download it for use.

After you have installed the free app from iTunes, you can check out our website links:

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I want to hear more from you! What can I expect from the show?

I’m sure that this subject matter will be interesting and I’d be eager to hear YOUR thoughts.

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