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Yes! We have an amazing range of hip hop and electro house to suit all styles of people, but if you’re looking for a more energetic, more upbeat experience, we have a great mix of hip hop and house music to entertain you.

I want to know more about how our music is made, how it was recorded or remixed, how to get involved, who the artists/s are or how this all works!

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We’re an independent music studio and publisher based in Manchester.

By Michael S. Schmidt for The New York Times

A former federal prosecutor and a federal judge who served briefly in private practice in North Carolina’s Supreme Court are among the top officials in the Trump administration who want to expand the scope of federal criminal probes, according to two current and past officials with knowledge of the effort.

Both officials said that the Trump administration is making substantial progress in trying to increase prosecutions in federal districts around the country. But some top officials are struggling to get their agenda through Congress and, for different reasons, in the courts, the attorneys said.

In their first public statements about the efforts, Justice Department officials — including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was confirmed last week, and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, who took office on Thursday — emphasized that the administration believes in criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws and that criminal investigations are more productive and efficient than investigations of misdemeanors.

“So far, we have accomplished all we asked for with respect to a wide variety of federal investigations,” Mr. Kelly said. “But as always, we have received significant guidance from an independent group of dedicated prosecutors and criminal investigators, who have made it clear to me that more investigations would be more productive and could actually protect the American people.”

In an appearance at Suffolk University Law School in New York on Tuesday, Mr. Sessions said the Justice Department could no longer rely on “jurisdiction agreements” with local police departments when a state or local agency is involved in the case. He said such agreements were “unlawful and illegal,” and said the federal government needed to be much more aggressive in its investigations of local law enforcement officials.

Mr. Sessions’s remarks come as the Trump administration appears to be working hard to expand its federal reach, even as it grapples with several big problems.

While Trump administration officials are making progress, some top Trump campaign figures are struggling to stay in touch with key players in

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