Is Waacking hip hop?

We have two reasons. (I would just as soon not name the one why…) One is that hip hop is a musical genre that is very specific in its origins and form, it’s almost exclusively a solo type of music. It is a music of expression. It is a way to get out from under the surface of society and try and tell your story. Some would say it’s a way of getting into and escaping from the system, because you know, you’re out of the system, you can’t go back to the system.

That kind of thinking can also translate to the genre as well as the way that the genre is perceived. As long as a rap song is done in a way that is inoffensive, and catchy, and accessible for people who are young and can connect to it, then it’s fine.

You also have a very distinct style. I think a lot of people have a strong inclination towards that type of music, even though the artists themselves are very talented, I think that people tend to shy away from a lot of rap styles.

It reminds me a little bit of hip hop music from the late 90s. It’s almost the 90s to me, but with some interesting nuances added. There was a lot of creativity.

I remember seeing a lot of artists like Naughty by Nature and Young MC in my high school—they were pretty out there. And I remember reading some music magazines and finding some artists that was really good. So that made me be like ‘I want to do that…I want to be like them…I want to get that sound and vibe.'”

So, how do you define your style when it comes to hip hop?

It’s a mixture of a lot of different styles, but I’ve definitely taken influences from a lot of different things. I guess my main style is a blend between country/blues [of] country music… and rap music. A lot of the tracks on my first solo album have some of the same beats as those two guys, from different artists. But those songs were not meant as the songs for the solo album.

Also with the album there were a lot of guest samples and bits and pieces. And from that, there were a lot of different styles of storytelling. The album is just like that; it’s a collection of different styles, but when it gets to the point where you have just some vocals there are a lot of different ways to tell a story.