What is hip hop dance style? – Shakira Belly Dancing Videos Youtube

Hip hop dance style is defined by its emphasis on hip hop music and dance as well as hip hop dance moves and choreography.


Hip hop dance style first evolved in a way similar to dance styles like jazz, bop jazz, and hip hop. Like jazz, hip hop dances incorporate all types of movement, such as high kicks, somersaults, and hops. The biggest difference in these styles is that jazz dancers also incorporate drumming in their dances, whereas hip hop dancer use the same drums and hip hop moves but with a drum soundtrack.

Hip hop also differs from jazz, especially when it comes to tempo. Like jazz, hip hop is slower compared to jazz dance styles at the same tempo. The style also includes lots of high kicks and other dance moves that are difficult for jazz dancers to control. This is different from the jazz dance styles which include more rhythmical sounds.

Hip hop dance style is highly influenced by both pop, hip hop and hip hop culture and style trends that we saw in the late 2000’s. This made hip hop dance style very popular among the youth and other youngsters in the U.S. during this period.

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