What is Raks? – Amazing Belly Dance

Raks is a project that gathers a variety of historical and contemporary music. It’s a collection of recordings, usually of the form of traditional folk songs, but sometimes of rock and pop. The songs are usually sung in the third person, usually by the musicians’ parents, and their voices are usually higher and more resonant than most traditional folk singers.

In the US, Raks has become a major community effort, and I, as a member of that community, contribute all my time and effort to bringing it to life. So I’ve compiled a list of the most important tracks from Raks, with their corresponding English translations into English.

What if you want to know more?

Do you have any questions about music and the world you live in, or any music related suggestions for an upcoming event? Contact me; I am especially interested in helping to bring the Raks project to the global masses. I can’t wait to do something fun with music I love.
Moves & Motion Series - Belly Dance — Museum Center at 5ive Points

– Brian

The English translations are by J.G. MacLeod.

This is the third part of my interview with David Pescovitz, the founder of Vistaprint.com on how a nonprofit website called Vistaprint can bring technology and design community together.

Q: In your book Vistaprint.com you write about how, at the beginning the founders of Vistaprint.com knew that they didn’t see any future for themselves in the technology space and that their purpose was to bring the community together. How close have you come to achieving that goal?

A: The first year Vistaprint.com was up we had no idea about the value of this technology, it was just a curiosity. We figured everyone would come along and the market would be flooded in five years, I never did see it that way. We were doing our own thing and we were learning for the first time that this is not really a business we can do. It was more of an online learning community, and we saw that there’s this really incredible resource that is called Kickstarter and it opened our eyes to the power of crowd raising this very niche niche of online technologies, that we would be using to teach people. We wanted to be able to do the same thing, but we weren’t sure what and how to do it. Now we’re in our fourth year and we’ve learned everything that we were able to learn the first four years and continue to build on them

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