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(I’m going to start this article with a note about a term I’ve heard more than once and which often makes me say “uh” and then laugh): “raks” is a shortened form of “rachak”. A “rachak” usually means “cow,” and “rachaika” stands for “motorcycle,” meaning that you don’t often find “rachaika” used to mean a car or a motorcycle, but in any case, I’m going to ignore it for the purpose of the example. (There is a very real use of it, and I think you should know its context by now.)

There is an article that I came across a while ago that’s been making the rounds on my feeds. It’s an excellent explanation of the word rachak–and of other words. If you’re still not sure, that article is worth your time and patience. But the best part of it is this:

This is a sentence which seems both a bit strange and slightly ironic:

The more you can learn about how the Rachak can’t understand you, the more you can understand the Rachak. The more you can understand your way into their brains, the more you can understand how you can change them. The more you can understand how the R and S can’t understand each other, the more you can understand the R and S. (Or that, really, it is possible to learn all these things. It’s just that R has just been made stupid…to make it more palatable, that is.)

… and yet, here’s the best part:
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The more you understand, the more you understand. Understanding is like the Rachak’s way of saying, “I don’t care if I make mistakes, I’m a stupid person. I’m not interested in learning and I’d rather be dead.” You might notice that this sentence is really good for the same reason that rachak is great for rachak—It is both clear and inoffensive and doesn’t carry the feeling of being too much of an asshole.

Okay, you’ve read that paragraph, and you’ve already grasped a bit of how the term “rabid dog” gets used. Now we’re going to get into the meat of the article.

Let’s start with the first part about understanding. We all understand the concept of “attitude” (insofar as the English language provides us an “I

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