What is Raks?

A cryptocurrency to measure your risk.

Raks (pronounced rake) is an innovative cryptocurrency that combines cryptocurrencies with the latest technologies, making them scalable. Raks uses both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work to create cryptocurrencies that aren’t dependent on any centralized sources of power. They have a decentralized mining function that is used to secure the network. In addition, the network can support up to 100k transactions every 10 minutes.

Raks is a pure token that can be used for real-world purposes. It is traded on a network where other token holders trade with each other. As Raks will be tradable (and, thus, have value on market), it can be used as collateral for loans. For example, it can be used to purchase a loan for $100. Raks can be used to pay taxes, to store valuables, and even to lend out money that needs to be repaid to a lender.

For more information visit: raks.io

What if I do a transaction?

You can pay and receive funds for transactions between your Ethereum account and an ERC20 token on Raks. This works similarly to PayPal and most debit/credit cards.

Here are some of the most common ways transaction will happen. Raks will pay all transactions that you make within a specified period of time.

Ethereum wallet

Open an Ethereum wallet, either an official, “master” one such as ethereum.org, or a more user friendly one like etherwallet.io or coinbase.com.

Ethereum address : 0x8B1a4c764Fd8Bc1f845C5b7E4e0b98Eb9F8f38

: 0x8B1a4c764Fd8Bc1f845C5b7E4e0b98Eb9F8f38 Raks account

Log in via your Ethereum and Raks client.

Raks token/address : 0x8B1a4c764Fd8Bc1f845C5b7E4e0b98Eb9F8f38

: 0x8B1a4c764Fd8Bc1f845C5b7E4e0b98Eb9F8f38 Raks balance token