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The “Piece of Dance”

“Dance of three parts and the rhythm of the part, the ‘Piece of Dance’ will take you as far as your knees and elbows will take you.”

This is so much like the old old swing dancing that I’ve heard you do (with the “Piece of Swing”).

A friend of yours told me about the “Piece of Dance” after my dance of the “Piece of Dance” with the “Choke.” There, the “Piece of Dance” is what you do when you move your feet. It is how I learned the swing as an adult and what I am teaching you today.

You just do that motion and then bring that motion forward so that the legs go up behind you as you dance around the dance floor, and on up into your back as you return to the beginning of the dance. Then the “Piece of Dance” goes around again and goes back on back in. Do it as many times as you want as you see fit. There are many great examples of the “Piece of Dance” and you can read them all and learn them there. Go look at pictures of the “Piece of Dance”

and then do the one on the pictures.

I also wrote you about it a few years back. The movement just seemed so natural to me. (I have read it several times, as have many other people).

When dancing the “Piece of Dance” do not stop and walk around the dance floor. Do things you like to do, just as you would with anything. If the dance is slow and you stop, and even you stop, don’t get down. Just go on running as you want (if you don’t want to dance the “Piece of Dance), and that way it will be a nice experience. If you can’t get into the flow of the dance, and you have to get into a nice movement, walk on back around then, or go for the walk then. Then you must change your feet. You must move, but do it without stop or walk. When you do that, things flow. That is “Piece of Dance” in a nutshell.

My new dance has a lot of the same ideas. You can read about it here.

There is a difference between “Piece of Dance” and the “Piece of Dance,” but you’re more likely to be asked to do

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