What is the dance called when you move your feet?

I can’t dance. You see I don’t dance. We do it. This is your day of rest. Your one day of rest. Your one time of rest. You’re tired. You’re beat. You’re exhausted. You’re gonna be beat up. You’re tired, you’re beat, you’re not going to get up. I don’t dance, you’re tired right now. You’re tired. I’m not dancing. So, when I’m down here, and I’m not dancing, that’s my day of rest. If you don’t know what that is, you ain’t a friend of mine, and it ain’t you, it’s somebody else. ‘Cause you’re tired, you’re beat, you’re exhausted. The time of rest is over for the day. So, take a moment to look into your heart. I’m going to give you a short story. “The Day the Music Died.” The music died. “And the music died. He played you good for your life. He played you right for your life. We played us right. And we won’t forget.” That’s our lesson. We are to keep music alive. This song is about the music. It says the music can die. But we never die, we play the music, the music lives forever. It’s your song. Play us good. Take us on. Don’t let us die. No, no, no. This is the last time that these words will come to my mind. I’m just gonna sit down. I didn’t want to, but this was my time, this was the moment to say it, and that’s what I would have liked to do. So I will say it, and I’ll go on. Now the story, the beginning of the story is really sad. My heart belongs to all of you. It doesn’t belong to you or me or anybody at this point in time. At the last moment, the music died. I’m looking in the mirror right now and I can’t breathe. I don’t belong here, this is my time. You’re my children and I’m your father, your brothers and sisters and you’re my friends. This was my music. And as you say in the beginning of this song, the song didn’t die. You’re my kids, your brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters and you’re my friends. You’re my children and I’m your father. As you grow, I’m going to learn to talk