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The latest dancer to be discovered on Google has been a woman named Emily in England.

If you’ve ever watched any of the music videos posted on YouTube, they all seem vaguely like a bunch of pretty women being all high and crazy, and there’s this one who goes all high and crazy on the dance moves: the one-eyed woman dancing, of course. But for some reason she’s just not getting anywhere around it.

What Is My Business Plan?

Whether you were a founder who was not in the best of health, or are considering starting a business, you need a business plan to help you achieve success in both personal and professional life. An easy-to-understand and structured business plan will provide a clear timeline for you to achieve your goals. In the best business practices industry, there is a plethora of business plans, but most of them are not professional in nature. A business plan, as explained by Business Plan Review is:

An outline of your company’s goals, business objectives, growth, and other strategic plans in order to achieve them

A set of actions that could help you achieve your business objectives

A written plan to guide you during planning and execution.

To create your business plan, you need to:

Think carefully about your business, and the goals that matter to you.

Research business concepts, such as marketing, financial planning, finance, and sales, that could apply to your company or business operation.

Use the business tools and services to ensure your business will succeed.

Take stock of your business, and see how it’s doing.

Review your plans to ensure they meet your objectives.

Include your business plan in your personal professional presentation or resume.

Plan your business, make it happen. Don’t wait until you’re running your business to get started!

The recent release of Pokémon X & Y for both the 3DS and Wii U have seen the release of over 100 new characters and 50 new species of Pokémon. This is a fantastic update on the franchise, and we have decided to include 20 new characters here. This is a great opportunity to give everyone an introduction to the characters, but we’ve been keeping these characters under wraps so that we could get these characters out faster!

To help give you an idea of what these new character look like in person, we’ve compiled a video showcasing them all.

We would like to thank all four members of Pokémon X & Y

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