What is the latest dance move? – Belly Dancing History

We asked an expert.

1. Get off your stomach. How do you get off your stomach? Take one of two steps that you like. One way is to run with your back against a wall. The other is to step out to the side and raise your leg as high as you have your feet. Try it. If you get off your stomach easily, you need to keep on doing this until you do it 100 times. Then stop!

2. Make a circle on the floor. The circle is like a circle of hands with a circle-shaped hole on one side that you have to go through from the wall. You can turn your head sideways to make different hands come through the hole. In short, circle your circle. It doesn’t matter what happens when you stop in between. If it’s a round thing, turn your head to the right side. If you are facing away from the wall, turn your head left.
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3. Touch it. Touch it. It may feel weird to do this because in some cultures touching is seen as dirty, but if your head touches someone else’s, you are doing it correctly. Let people touch you. If someone touches you, you must respond with a yes or no. As soon as their hands touch your hand, you must get off or stop touching. They must not touch if you want to go to sleep or continue doing this drill.

4. Stop moving. It’s really important that you stop right now, so you can get out into the open. If you want a quiet place, lay down on the middle of the floor instead of in the middle, or if you have children, lay down on the floor next to a wall. If the drill is being done in a group, you must be in the center of the circle. If you happen to be standing in an awkward corner from the previous step, you should get out into the room with the other group members and ask for a new person to join you.

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