What is the latest dance move?

The newest dance move? “Circles.”

The only other thing you can dance around now is your head?

Well, you can still move your arms and legs.

I’m just gonna check on you.

Uh uh …

Uh huh …

I think you fell off here.

Uh ah.

You fell off here?

Oh, yeah.


You’re really hot.

Oh! I didn’t mean it like that, but … it was a bad choice of words. You look like you were just having a really good meal.

Oh, wow.


Yeah, but I just … It just … you got this weird expression on your face and you’ve moved your arms and legs around really fast.

No, that’s not …


You’re a pro dancer.

This is a … what’s it called?

You have to do spins.

Hmmm …

How do I know spins are good?

That’s what I … you know.

Ohhhh. How about when you get really hyped up like that … you’re like … your arms and legs are moving around and this whole thing just turns into a ball.


That’s very cool. No, I don’t see … maybe I should try that one time.

No way. You’re good. You’re so good. That’s … really good.

Uh huh.

The UK’s top diplomat has called for more resources to help British police investigate online crime on YouTube.

Assistant Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police’s deputy commissioner, made the comment ahead of the launch of the online crimes fighting unit at the London headquarters of the National Crime Agency.

“I think people are looking for online content that has an impact,” he said.

“Obviously, you need to have an operational capability to investigate these incidents if they are serious or they are not serious – so we are working very hard, especially in the last couple of years, to make sure that the National Police Force and our partners in other areas of our investigation have the ability to investigate it.”

File:François Boucher - Young Country Girl Dancing - Google Art ...
The UK’s chief law enforcement officer – Sir Richard Dearlove – has made the point that one out of four police forces in the country – with about 500,000