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Telly dancing is a dance used to show a girl’s body. The dance consists of a dance routine similar to the one performed by women in front of a mirror. The choreography is meant to emphasize and show muscles, bones, and skin on a woman’s body. The dancers walk behind a mirror, dancing in slow motion. The choreography is meant to represent how a woman’s body changes when she’s in sexual arousal and excitement.

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“This is where we live,” says the photographer, in the most striking declaration I’ve ever encountered. “This is our real world. It’s no different from the real world that you can see through the window inside the cab behind you in the car that just dropped you in from the airport.” The image is of a tiny, brightly lit strip in a small town near Boston, Vermont, that is as close as you can get to experiencing the kind of places we take for granted as mere urban environments.

“The thing I’m fascinated with,” he says, “is how people can be so wrapped up in this virtual world that they don’t see it,” but don’t even notice it exists. “You can’t really imagine it’s not there. It’s what’s around you. You just have to have an idea of what you’re seeing and then trust what you’re seeing to be the reality.”

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“Belly dance” might be a fitting description of those real-world spaces on which the photographer captures these fleeting moments of awareness. The photos are all of short duration – often only a few seconds, even though the dancers appear to run full tilt for several minutes. The photographs aren’t really “dancing”: they’re still shots of the dancers, taken under fluorescent lights where only one or two photos are taken per hour.

The practice of doing this seems to have originated in the USA. For decades, the practice has been passed down from generation to generation, as the practice of photography has taken root. Some photographers are more than happy to take on this task: the photographer George Cukor has been creating images from the perspective of women in various states of undress and then has been photographed wearing only nothing over that time, and also on the other end of the spectrum – some photographers have even taken the trouble to recreate this process for a series of short vignettes of their lives.

Still, there’s something undeniably strange about the process of photography and how it’s passed down

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