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The meaning of belly dancing, of course, is its emphasis on the female body, its emphasis on sexual liberation. “Telling people to “get naked in front of their audience” for belly dancing is a way of expressing the power dynamic in sex: “I am sexy.” Or, “You are sexy.” And so one could say that belly dancing is one of those cultural expressions that is not only “uncomfortable and dangerous,” but also “unappealing and repellant.” There have been some belly dancing exhibitions in the past and present, but the exhibitionist who goes around telling people to “get naked” in front of them, I think, is probably a bit too far out of the mainstream. There are other ways of expressing the power dynamic in sex. The idea of having sex in public is not so different from other expressions of liberation: going to a party. It could be just as popular here. Some people are going to the dance because a friend recommends it or because they think it’s a good idea because it’s a good idea. There’s something exciting and liberating about it. There’s more power in that. You have to decide how you feel about it, and a lot of people will be going because they believe it’s a good idea or because they think they have to be part of something that’s so unusual and extraordinary. A lot of these parties have rules such as, “Do not go home with any of the girls. We will have to pay for the drinks,” and so on. There’s a sense of being in an unusual place and then being able to take that place into one’s belly dance. That’s it. The feeling is just that of a new kind of intimacy being able to take a place of sexual intimacy into a public space — not that of being

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